Quality Innovation Service
Our commitments

Our commitments

Three policies unite our staff and drive them to ensure customer satisfaction.

QUALITY as a core value

  • The organisation system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2004.
  • The environmental system is in the ISO 14001 certification process.
  • The Montblanc site has received the French High Quality Environmental standard.

The quality of the products we manufacture comes from our commitment to quality at each stage from the design to the manufacturing process and quality control systems.
Quality is the reason why STIRAM designed a specific anti-corrosion system by combining corrosion-resistant steel manufacture with a preparation and robotic powder coating system.
The results are fantastic and salt spray tests have shown that the product is three times better.
STIRAM has the teams and means necessary to validate the purchased parts (pumps, jacks) and its own products (test bench, paint testing lab).

Quality is the foundation and cement of our company

Passion for INNOVATION

With a Directorate of Technical Development, Engineering and partnerships with external laboratories experts, STIRAM is a particularly INNOVATIVE company awarded by the Institute of Industrial Protection, holds several patents and trademarks filed.

2009 was an exceptional year in terms of innovation since STIRAM launches "A New Product by Month”. Thereby Stiram demonstrates its commitment to this policy and the competence of its teams.

2011 is marked by the signing of a partnership with a renowned German coachbuilder Jotha, allowing STIRAM to sell the exclusive range MULTITAF ®.

2012: birth of the brand “Benne Boss Origin®“ and development of the BBO on the new Ford Ranger.
Makeover tippers Bec steel and aluminum.

SERVICE by culture

The customer is at the heart of the business and STIRAM proves it !

  • The company has a highly experienced and reactive Technical Sales to assist commercial distribution networks, make estimates, manage orders and measure process performance.
  • A communication service establishes continuously tools for sale.
  • An animation of the networks "Mail Info Vendors" regularly provides the information necessary for the stimulation of Business.
  • A "Force Networks®" provides sellers fifteen STIRAM services.

  • The trademark "Invest to Serve®" STIRAM helped to win many public markets and establish itself as a real party provider of innovative solutions and provider of quality products.
    Many cities, urban communities, agglomeration communities, DDE and service companies trust on brand STIRAM, and often, for several years.

  • The service, it’s also:
    • Commitment "48h availability" for any vehicle on our depot parks, equipped with a tipper and options contained in the catalog.
    • The provision of room E. BUGATTI to perform trainings, meetings vendors, seminars…
    • Completion of preliminary engineering (estimated) free to end users.
    • Design by Engineering of original and efficient solutions from customer specifications. 
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