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Mélissa PONCET-MALIGE, STIRAM and composites materials

Melissa, Materials Engineer, defended her thesis at the École des Mines d'Alès, with real talent, recognized unanimously by a jury of high scientific level.

The work done during the three years of thesis focused on improving the properties of composites materials used in the manufacturing of some of the products of STIRAM.

A mathematical model, used to predict the properties of the composites materials, has been presented and it proved to be original and of scientific relevance.

STIRAM and composites, a more than 30 years old story (ou alors, an ongoing story) ...

STIRAM thereby confirms its strategic commitment to real INNOVATION based on high level research.


"TO INNOVATE is our second nature, and to conduct research projects in partnership with scientific teams motivates us to service our customers and markets in the future." said Bernard Malige, chairman of STIRAM.


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