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Design together

Design together

Design together

Design together: a STIRAM service

Do you have a specific requirement related to your sector?

Talk to a salesperson at your vehicle concession and/or contact Stiram direct.

Our Technical/Sales team will handle your request: 

  • We will assess your requirements and discuss them with you
  • We will carry out technical studies and provide a detailed Stiram quotation
  • We will communicate with you and advise you of certain commercial vehicles’ unsuitability in relation to their technical features and/or current regulations.

You can choose the vehicle you want provided it is compatible with the conversion outlined with Stiram.

Once you have chosen the vehicle and the conversion has been defined and costed, the administrative aspects will be handled by the vehicle concession salesperson and Stiram’s technical/sales service.

Stiram is committed to adhering to production and conversion times.  

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